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Solution Partner for Steel, Earth and Structure
− Responding Promptly to every Customer's Needs

Hirose Corporation, founded in 1938 to lease heavy temporary steel materials used for construction, was the first company of its kind in Japan. For over 60 years since then, Hirose has developed its business in tandem with Japan’s economic growth.

In addition to the leasing business our Company has valuable experience in the execution of various high profile projects. We have gained strong trust from customers in the industry.

Our scope of business not only covers the design and execution of construction works, we also play an important role as a technical consulting service company, using our state-of-the-art technologies and the expertise that we have accumulated in the course of pioneering the industry.

We will conduct business from an international viewpoint, continue to enhance our comprehensive abilities, and contribute to society by providing customers with satisfactory technologies, services, and products, promptly responding to the needs of the time.
  1. We will develop and adapt products and construction methods in quick response to the needs of customers.
  2. We will conduct our business activities in compliance with social norms and become a company that can contribute to our customers, company partners, shareholders and employees.
  3. We will enhance the prominence of our company in society by always pursuing and maintaining a competitive edge.
  1. We believe that we can provide the highest quality of services to satisfy customers while keeping costs low.
  2. We believe that we can create vibrant workplaces by giving employees opportunities to realize their personal aspirations through their work.
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