Leasing of Temporary Construction Materials

(Sheet piles, H-piles, Metro Deck & Support Beam etc)

A safe and reliable shoring system is of paramount importance when working in deep excavations. Safety regulations and market competition have led to advances not only in shoring techniques but also in shoring materials.

In the past, most construction companies purchased these materials as their own stock and upon completion of their projects, faced problems of repairs, storage and control of these materials. However, in recent years, these construction companies have become more dependent on leasing companies for such materials.

Leasing companies like us are able to hold a large volume of construction materials hence providing a wider choice and greater flexibility for the execution of projects.
The advantage is further enhanced on the basis of leasing contract.

The advantages of such lease contract to the construction companies are as follows:

  • Large capital outlay for purchase of construction materials can be minimized as construction companies can turn to leasing companies for rental of such materials. This advantage becomes more significant for larger construction works.
  • Lower construction cost
  • For tax and accounting purposes, all monthly lease rentals paid by you are fully deductible as expenses against profits for the period in which they are incurred.
  • Savings in storage space, repairs and control problems of such materials after completion of project
  • Saving in construction time
  • Safer construction works

We, HIROSE SINGAPORE PTE LTD invite you to switch to our Heavy Temporary Steel Materials, which provide the above advantages in your construction works.

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